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Blackout Inc.
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LockMagic description

LockMagic is an application that encrypts and compresses files on local drive, network shares, flash drive and email attachments. It uses email addresses instead of passwords to let you share and recover encrypted files. LockMagic supports email address from Live ID, HotMail, GMail and Yahoo users that have an Open ID. Yahoo users must create an Open ID for their Yahoo email account and use their OpenID when sharing encrypted files with others. There are no passwords or certificates to remember or manage. You simply encrypt your sensitive information with the email addresses of the people you wish to share information with and the software does the rest. It's that simple to secure and encrypt your data. Now, the receiver can use his or her Internet email address to signin to the LockMagic Key Service to get access to the data. Again, the software does the heavy lifting. Users use their existing email addresses in Hotmail, Live, Gmail, or any OpenId provider. Enterprises and business can host their own Key Service to empower their employees with a simple and easy to manage encryption solution. It's ideal for sharing sensitive information with partners and customers. LockMagic encrypts all data the client and can be applied to files, folders, email messages and attachments and best of all web content. At the bottom of this entry you will find the encrypted version of this entry in encrypted format. It starts with the text " ##### LockMagic Encrypted: ..". The storage of your data can be local drivers, network shares, flash drives, cdrom or cloud storage. It handles all files types and sizes and extremely quick. LockMagic integrates directly with Outlook 2003/2007 to have a simple and transparent user experience. You simply click on the 'secure send' button and the message content and its attachments are encrypted with the email addresses of the reciepients. It also enables users to specify other email addresses. Filesystem integration is done via a user-mode file system. You simply start a secure workspace and all files accessed through the secure path 'securedocumentsmybankstatement.doc' will be transparently compressed, encrypted and signed. The workspace will bind by default to 'MyDocuments' and all driver letters such as C:, D: and so forth. You can also bind to a remote file server by simply typing in the windows explorer address space 'secureserver_name' and you are encrypting your files in the server. LockMagic will keep all your sensitive ionformation well protected by using strong encryption. FEATURES: TE Encrypt file with One-Click "Secure Copy" TE Send encrypted attachments directly from explorer TE Create encrypted file, attach it to clipboard to be attached to an email or copied to any location TE Securely open encrypted files TE Copy an encrypted folder to a destination folder TE Copy an encrypted folder to a single zip file TE Support binary encrypted file format and embedded encrypted HTML format TE Open an encrypted content on a webpage TE Select any text from Internet Explorer and encrypt it TE Manage identity of people with access by providing their email addresses TE Create self-signed certificates, manage EFS certificates, backup certificates all from single management console TE Create template that contains lists of email addresses and certificates to be applied as a single unit

Encrypt - Encryption - Encryptor - Protect Folder - File Encryptor - Document Encryption
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Windows 7
    Windows 7
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