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Vital Sparks
license: Shareware
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NotaBene description
NotaBene is a secure personal information manager. It is very easy to use and occupies very little space on your desktop. It can be categorized as a freeform textual database program. It is 'freeform' insofar that there are no forms to fill in, with their various 'fields' - you just enter your text as you want, and create new lines as appropriate to your needs. In fact, you don't even need to consider the database aspect at all - this is all handled by the program. A strong feature of the program is the option to protect your information with data-encryption, and the program itself with a Password (even the password is encrypted in the System Registry). Normally, the database file on disk comprises plain text, which can be viewed, if required, with something like Windows Notepad, but if the Security Option is chosen, the file will be viewed as OCsgibberishOCO. Once the program is running, it is easy to turn Security on/off, and you can change your password at any time. Archiving your database file couldnOCOt be easier - just copy it to some remote location as a backup in case you suffer something catastrophic like a hard-disk crash. The program has been written to make disaster recovery a cinch, even in the difficult situation of your database file being encrypted (in this case the System Registry entries would be OCsfreshOCO after a new installation and would have no knowledge of the security state of your database file). Database editing is a breeze - you have access to all the usual editing tools - Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete, and you can print all, or selected text, easily from the results of a search. NotaBene has many uses. You can store all kinds of reference information - program passwords, Internet passwords, customer reference numbers for Utility suppliers, bank account details, support line contact details, reference information pasted from an Internet page, recipes, renewal dates (car MOT, Tax, insurance etc), Home Inventories with serial numbers, in fact the list is seemingly endless - and you will always have reference to everything at your finger tips. For programmers such as myself, I have found it invaluable to store useful snippets of code. Version History: Version 1 - Plain text version with editing facilities. Version 2.0 - Encryption added Version 2.1 - Maintenance update and recovery from HD crash simplified Version 2.2 - Stronger encryption implemented Version 2.3 - Tab-stops and keyboard shortcuts added (editing) Version 2.4 - Maintenance update. OCsNag screensOCO reduced for unregistered produ
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