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Lock it And Protect Plus

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Sane Group
license: Shareware
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Lock it And Protect Plus description
Lock and protect your folders from being opened, moved or deleted. Locked folders are protected in secure and multiple levels of security that guarantee your privacy and security. The program provides direct access to the locked or unlocked folder in Windows Explorer via a right-click. Lock it and Protect Plus doesn't let you remove its own program folder or files without uninstalling it with the correct password. Locking and unlocking folders is done in the easiest and fastest way, whatever the size of the content. the program provides an easy way to customize the folder icon, background image and the foreground color of the folder or the drive. Concerning the Tech support services, Lock it and protect Plus still provides the Tech Support emailer software which is specially developed with version 2.01 to help users faster if they asked to recover their lost passwords. We keep it with the new version after it successfully saved our users time and gained their satisfaction.
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Lock it And Protect Plus
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