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PortalGuard's Two-factor Authentication

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PistolStar, Inc.
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PortalGuard's Two-factor Authentication description
PortalGuardOCOs Two-factor authentication can be enforced and deliver a one-time password (OTP) when the user is trying to access the web/cloud application directly, through a VPN connection using RADIUS, or when performing a self-service password reset. This demo shows an OTP delivered via SMS, voice, and printer, as well as answering a challenge question to access a web application using either test users or your local account. The full version of the software can deliver time-synched OTPs using a transparent toolbar and also supports domain accounts. About PortalGuard 2FA: Two-factor is an acceptable way to increase security; however, inflexibility and low usability have proven to be barriers for many organizations with the primary barrier being high cost in todayOCOs economic climate. PortalGuard avoids these barriers by providing flexible delivery options which are easily adopted by users, is configurable by user, group or application, and is competitively priced. With PortalGuard you can deliver an OTP via SMS, hosted text-to-speech, SIP, email, printer, Yubikey which is an alternative to the traditional hardware token, or transparent token to achieve two-factor authentication. PortalGuard also provides knowledge-based authentication for an alternative stronger method by having the user provide their password and an answer to a challenge question. Benefits: - Increased security - add an extra layer of authentication to application access, VPN access, or during a self-service password reset - Reduce Risk - prevent attacks by leveraging credentials which expire after one use - Usability - leverage hardware a user already has for increased user adoption - Eliminate forgotten passwords - leverage a username and OTP only as credentials - Configurable - to the user, group or application levels - Flexible - multiple OTP delivery methods availableRequirements: Uses test and local account only for demonstration purposes. Contact Us for domain support.
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PortalGuard's Two-factor Authentication
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