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Remove with Batch

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Remove with Batch description

Remove with Batch is a tool to delete files or directories through batch commands. If you have unwanted files or directories (viruses or their junks), which can't be deleted by the windows explorer and should be removed, browse them or enter the the full path to the file/directory! Remove with Batch will open a batch box to delete the monster! Everytime you start Remove with Batch, you will be asked for what you would like to remove: You can't remove a directory and a file in one session. You have to close this tool, reopen it again and choose the other operation. Easier said - you can only do one operation or removing action per tool start - you can either remove a file, many files at once or a directory. Launch this tool as an administrator or it won't work correctly or maybe won't even open the batch box! This tool is based on batch commands, so I do not quarantee, that batch will remove your file or directory to 100%.

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Remove with Batch
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