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Benchtech Software
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Secure My Screen description
Secure My Screen secures your computer and ensures that nobody else can use it whilst you are away. In addition it also has many other features, such as multiple unlock passwords for trusted friends and family and the ability to turn your screen onto standby when your system is idle, all whilst keeping your computer powered on so you can resume your work quickly. Secure Screen Locking Secure My Screen uses complex technology to ensure that your screen remains locked and that nobody can tamper with your system. Task Manager has no effect on Secure My Screen and key combinations such as Alt + F4 and the Windows button have zero effect. In addition Secure My Screen locks your computer if it detects that the system was shut down forcefully (through the power button) meaning there really is no way around Secure My Screen. In addition your screen can be locked from any program or window, simply pressing Alt + L on your keyboard will lock your screen instantly. You can also change the shortcut key to anything you wish. Heavily Customisable Secure My Screen can be customised and configured to your tastes. You can change the lock screen background & text colour, your shortcut key to lock your screen, and if you would like your screen to go onto standby and if so after how long.Release notes: New ReleaseHuge amount of bug fixesRemoved online requirementRemoved the need for registrationSpeed improvementsIntroduced Emergency Password Reset Flash Drives.Forgotten Password button always visible on login formRedesigned buttons on login formUpdated menu UIRedesigned Account Settings formUpdate to terms and conditionsImproved security when storing sensitive information [ Secure My Screen full changelog ]
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Secure My Screen
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