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Security Curator 5.7 B2070 Beta

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AtomPark Software
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Security Curator 5.7 B2070 Beta description
Security Curator is a software product designed to provide information security for your company, including monitoring and control of personnel to improve business efficiency. The software allows you to: Detect and prevent possible information leakage. Find out the most time-consuming computer processes run by each and every staff member. Block access to prohibited websites and files. Improve the efficiency of individual departments as well as the company in general. According to statistics, most information outflow occurs due to negligence of staff or through a deliberate employee leak. In order to prevent information leakage in a timely manner, employee work computer activities may be constantly monitored. Logs can expose almost all activities performed on work computers. Activity logging allows the evaluation of personnel effectiveness. Logs record the duration of inappropriate time usage and can identify potential sources of confidential information leakage. Information and man-hours are the main resources of modern companies. With Security Curator software, you can monitor, analyze and optimize the use of these resources in your company. With Security Curator, you can eliminate the possibility of improper employee use of time: simply block access to all objectionable sites and programs. Productivity rises after the implementation of Security Curator. Implementation of staff monitoring increases the softwareOCOs productivity by several times. Have you ever wondered about the effectiveness of your staff? Most people tend to think that they are working too much. They do not reflect on the fact that, according to their labor contracts, they are required to work full-time. Employees are often looking for possible ways to spend a workday doing less work: viewing entertainment and news websites, engaging in social networking and online gamesOCo all of these actions reduce staff productivity.Release notes: New ReleaseTE Main dialog of Administrators panels was redesigned; access to the main program has become more convenient.TE Implemented the automatic update feature of agentOCOs modules on users' computers, which greatly simplifies the process of updating the system.TE Quick Set Up wizard for the whole system, which simplifies the process of configuring of the product.TE Implemented feature of centralized exception of monitored applications.TE Ability to disable certain types of monitoring for selected agents added.TE Implemented simplified banning of prohibited actions: blocking of programs and websites.TE Ability to enter a range of networks to add agents. This greatly accelerates the process of installing large quantity of agents. [ Security Curator full changelog ]
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Security Curator 5.7 B2070 Beta
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