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Appetizer 1.4.7build

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Appetizer 1.4.7build description

Appetizer is a free application launcher, or dock, for Windows. It allows organizing and launching your applications and other shortcuts into a convenient dock. The app is skinable and entirely customizable. It is available in several different languages. The application also support the PortableApps USB format. So if you use Appetizer on a USB key in the PortableApps format, the application will detect it and automatically import all your applications along with the 'Documents', 'Videos', 'Music' and 'Pictures' folders. Features * Support for plugins * Support for multiple skins (two included) * Resizable dock, which allows displaying the icons both horizontally or vertically. * Three sizes of icons: Small, large and extra-large * Support for custom icons * 'Wizard' to automatically imports shortcuts from various locations * Organize the icons by drag & dropping them * 'Multi-launch' functionality * Regroup multiple shortcuts within one menu * Hot key to hide / show the dock * Special items to provide extra functionalities: hide / show the desktop, Recycle Bin, Control Panel, etc. * Support for multiple languages * Minimize to tray icon functionality

Flash - Launcher - Javascript - Desktop - Engine - Organizer - Multimedia - Adobe - Web - Design - Organize - Php - Developer - Css - Photoshop - Icon - Director - Xhtml - Mysql - Yahoo - Dock - Freelance - Dashboard - Ajax - Widget - Freelancer - Gadget - Web 2 0 - Adobe Air - Google
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Appetizer 1.4.7build
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