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FileMenu Tools

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FileMenu Tools description

FileMenu Tools allows you to customise the context menu of Windows Explorer. And it lets you: * Add some built-in utilities that perform operations on files and folders. * Add customised commands which run external applications, copy/move to a specific folder or delete specific file types. * Configure the "Send to..." submenu. * Enable/disable commands which are added by other applications to the context menu. The build-in utilities are the following: TE Synchronize Folders - Synchronizes two folders. It is possible configure the synchronization type (unidirectional, bidirectional, etc.) and the file types which must be synchronized. TE Extended Delete - Deletes recursively specific file types from a folder. The file types are specified with wildcards, for example: *.txt, *.t??, etc. TE Find And Replace - Finds and replaces a text in all selected files. It is possible to use regular expressions. TE Advanced Renamer - Renames all the selected elements by using some patterns. TE Delete Locked File - Deletes files which are locked by any application and cannot be deleted normally. TE Delete and no move to Recycle Bin - Deletes definitely files and folders. TE Change Icon - Change the icon assigned to the selected folder TE Run with Arguments - Run a program with parameters typed through a dialog box. TE Command Line From Here - Open a command line window and go to selected folder. TE Split File - Splits the selected file in various parts. TE Join File - Joins the parts of a file which were previously splitted. TE Copy to... - Copies the selected elements to other folder. TE Move to... - Moves the selected elements to other folder. TE Copy Name - Copies to the clipboard the name of the all selected elements. TE Copy Path - Copies to the clipboard the path of the all selected elements. TE Copy Content - Copies to the clipboard the content of the selected element. If a folder is selected, all element names that the folder contains will be copied TE Attributes - Displays a submenu which lets change the attributes of the selected elements. If a folder is selected, it is possible change the attributes recursively. TE Change Time - Changes the creation time, the last access time and/or the last write time of the selected elements. If a folder is selected, it is possible change the time recursively. TE Register DLL - Register a DLL in Windows. TE Unregister DLL - Unregister a DLL. TE Create New Folder - Creates a new folder into the selected folder Pros: * Command line execution * Advanced rename for folders and files * Totally customizableRelease notes: New Release1. FileMenu Tools can automatically check for new versions (never, every day, every week and every month). This can be configured from "Options" menu. 2. Advanced Renamer: two new variables to add in the file name: RANDOM and SEQ. * RANDOM adds a random string. * SEQ adds a numeric sequence, starting in 1. 3. Two new variables for the arguments of the custom commands: RELPATH y FOLDERNAME. * RELPATH adds the path of the parent folder without the drive letter. * FOLDERNAME adds the name of the parent folder. 4. Calculate and Verify Checksums: now the checksums can be appended to a existing file. 5. Fixed bug in Change Time: an error was displayed when the time was near to 24:00. [ FileMenu Tools full changelog ]

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FileMenu Tools
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