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JohnOCOs Background Switcher

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John Conners
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JohnOCOs Background Switcher description

JohnOCOs Background Switcher (or JBS for short) periodically changes the background image on your computer (like every hour or every day) to something interesting. The JohnOCOs Background Switcher application sits in your system tray (down by the clock) and changes your background at the time interval of your choosing. You tell it where to get pictures from and how to show them - maybe you just want to see one photo at a time or maybe youOCOd like to see a OCsSnapshot ScrapbookOCs of photos thrown across your desktop. ItOCOs up to you and you never know whatOCOs coming next! FEATURES: TE Individual pictures on your computer. TE Folders containing pictures on your computer such as OCsMy PicturesOCO. TE Flickr photo sharing - selecting pictures by person, tags, sets or just plain random. You never know what youOCOre going to get next! TE Phanfare web albums - keep up to date with your friends and family. TE smugmug photo galleries - yours, your friends, anybodyOCOs! TE Picasa Web Albums - choose from specific albums or any search text. TE Facebook - your friends photos on your desktop! TE Yahoo! image search - the internet is your oyster! TE Any Media RSS feed - choose pictures from sites like DeviantArt, Photobucket, LOLCats and Zooomr amongst many others!Release notes: New ReleaseNew Features:TE 6466: Add Hebrew translation to JBSTE FEATURE: If you have a Hebrew version of Windows then JBS will now appear in Hebrew. Yes!TE 6967: Add simplified Chinese translation to JBS (zh-CN)TE FEATURE: JBS is now available in Chinese (simplified) in addition to Chinese (traditional) if youOCOre running on a Chinese (simplified) version of Windows.TE 6464: Add the option to choose the snapshot background from a folder of picturesTE FEATURE: In addition to being able to choose a specific picture to use for snapshot scrapbook backgrounds you can now also pick a specific folder to use.TE 3632: Implement OCssend to twitterOCOTE FEATURE: ThereOCOs now a OCsSend to twitterOCO tray menu option so you can now tweet about one of the pictures on your screen. ItOCOll create a tweet with the title and link to the picture and you can edit from there.Changes / Bug Fixes:TE 7081: Fix the fact that the JBS update checking is broken [ JohnOCOs Background Switcher full changelog ]

Background - Customize - Change Background - Switcher - Desktop Image - Image Background
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JohnOCOs Background Switcher
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