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Peter Smith
license: Freeware
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WinRun4j description

WinRun4j is a Java launcher designed to be an alternative to javaw.exe. The application uses an INI file for specifying the classpath, main class, vm args and other program arguments. FEATURES: TE Draw functions TE Analyze functions TE Saves the graph as PNG image file TE Auxiliary grids can be added for simpler view TE Can draw transformed functions (all steps of the graph are drawn) TE You can set the function by choosing its name then enter values value by value, or it can be recognized automatically TE You can set default settings, so the program starts with them TE You can choose 3 color schemes TE You can choose your preferred resolution for drawing TE You can save and open function-settings, so you can use them laterRelease notes: New ReleaseNEW: Flexible native access to any Windows API, compatible with PINVOKE.NET. See native binding examples for more information. This is currently BETA quality.Uses an INI file for specifying classpath, main class, vm args, program args.Custom executable name that appears in task manager.Additional JVM args for more flexible memory use.Built-in icon replacer for custom icon.Pre-JVM splash screen with auto-hide.DDE implementation for file assocations.Windows NT Service wrapper.Windows EventLog APIConsole versionSupport for 64-bit JVM.Supports embedding (inside the executable) the INI file. See Embedded Resources section below.Supports embedding a splash image.Supports embedding JAR files. These will be included in the classpath (without extraction). This is currently BETA quality.Eclipse Plugin for integrated launching, debugging and exporting as an executable bundle. [ WinRun4j full changelog ]

Launcher - Windows - Screen - Java - Icon - Open Source - Memory - Alternative - Launch - Splash - Java Launcher - Launch Java - Javaw Exe Alternative
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