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FastTrack Scripting Host

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FastTrack Software
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FastTrack Scripting Host description
FastTrack Scripting Host is a scripting language designed for automation without writing a single line of code. You don't need any scripting experience and you will be able to develop scripts that you did not think possible, like creating your own FREE backup solution in minutes. No other scripting product can offer you more than 1,000 high-level commands to make shorter, faster and simpler scripts. But FastTrack is much more than a code-free scripting language. You also get features like a cloud-based inventory accessible anytime, anywhere from your PC, tablet or smartphone that tracks geographical locations of your computers. You can create exe and msi files, use stunning graphical user interfaces within your scripts and you get the fastest directory synchronizer in the world for backups.Requirements: None
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FastTrack Scripting Host
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Windows Server
Windows 7
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    Windows 2003
    WinVista x64
    Windows Vista Starter
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version 8.3.1
size in Kb 12,370
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