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company name:
SymbioWare, Inc.
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: MS IE 5.5 or higher
functional limitations:
SymbioTest Probe description
Is Your Application Ready for Automated Testing? Find out in 5 minutes, for free.
SymbioTest Probe™: The free tool that tells you if your system is ready for automated testing.
Haven't you spent hours agonizing over whether you can use an automated testing solution for your application? Haven't you had endless meetings with software testing gurus and spent time and money on comprehensive analysis of application for automated testing, still felt unsure of your decision in the end. SymbioTest Probe answers your question, and that too for free.

SymbioTest Probe™ will seamlessly help you make the right choice, completely eliminating the risk of facing SymbioTest Framework's (the complete automated testing solution) incompatibility with your needs or the applications under test!

How does it work?
SymbioTest Probe™ is a free utility that identifies GUI objects from the application under test and then sends them to the SymbioTest Model Editor. The Model Editor conveniently collects GUI objects along with their properties identified by SymbioTest Object Spy in the form of a hierarchical tree.
If SymbioTest Probe™ can see objects in your application, SymbioTest Framework™ is ideal for your needs and you are ready to automate the testing process of any difficulty with SymbioTest Framework™, the complete automation testing solution.
And then of course, we can take it ahead with a demonstration of our unique automated testing solution.
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SymbioTest Probe
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supported os's
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
    Windows 2003
downloads 97
size in Kb 1,280
user rating 5/10
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