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IDM Backup Manager 0.9.6 beta

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important software information
company name:
Gajjar Tejas
license: Freeware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
IDM Backup Manager 0.9.6 beta description

IDM Backup Manager is free software that can backup files from Internet Download Manager and restore then later when you want. Also include cleaner and IDM List Manager. IDM List manager expert report in various format and allow force to join unfinished downloaded file. FEATURES: Backup and Restore Whole Internet Download Manager Backup Custom elements for Backup like Setting, Unfinished Downloaded parts, Grabber data etc. Password protection backup file with AES Encryption. Variable compression rate, with six compressions Level. One click Backup and Restore Profile Conversion Support so it can be used with different Computer for backup and restore To Clean History, Logs and Unfinished Download Data Files. Download List Manager is allow to use Force to Join Unfinished Downloaded Files, Expert in various format, Remove Download from List and much more.Release notes: New ReleaseAdded List Backup Mode Without Data Backup Added association to IDM Backup File (*.ibf) Fixed Crash IDM Backup Manager under corrupted backup file. Fixed Backup Does not successful under windows xp due to 7z.dll is not include. Fixed Continuous Preventing UAC Under Admin account while backing up IDM. Some Minor Change [ IDM Backup Manager full changelog ]

File - Manager - Backup - Restore - Data
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IDM Backup Manager 0.9.6 beta
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Windows 7
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    Windows Vista Starter
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