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Check My Specs

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Check My Specs description

Check My Specs is a light, free and simple software tool for Windows Os that checks with a click you PC techinal specifications and if you want you can share them online.You will get a unique Spec ID and you will have your own online spec page to compare or share your pc specs with others. The Spec ID is unique and can be used to access, share , compare you pc specs and much more . Check the latest soft updates, widgets, gadgets on the website. Check My Specs has been tested on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and is a very light application, making is extremely easy and quick to to use. Main features: - Light Windows Free Software - Check your computer's specs at the click of a button (under 5 seconds) - Compare your computer techinal performance with others - See other shared specs on Top 50 Specs and recent specs - Obtain a Spec ID and your own specs page : shareable and unique - Use data to solve issues, upgrades, or what software can run. - Have CheckMySpecs on your blog, pages or iGoogle with the CheckMySpecs Gadget -Add the checkmyspecs gadget on your Browser Google Toolbar - Always Free to use - The first site to bring computer specs online, easy sharebale and comparableRequirements: 800 Mhz Processor , 128 mb of ram, 10 mb free space

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