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Native Specialist

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Vitaliy Jungle
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Native Specialist description
The Native Specialist application was designed to be the number one system and diagnostic utility that will identify any AMD64 processors. It is developed in connection with Advanced Micro Devices that means the utility always supports the latest AMD products any time! Native Specialist is based on the powerful CPU recognition engine of famous Central Brain Identifier BE. The utility is the best solution to retrieve clear information on the next generation AMD processors of NPT Family, Family 10h and Family 11h. Featuring a new intelligent graphics user interface optimized for multi-core AMD processors Native Specialist enables to control thermal and frequency parameters for each core independently. It is also a powerful diagnostic tool for overclockers and AMD funs that always need a flexible solution native for their next generation AMD64 platform as a best platform ever! No doubt, Native specialist leads in software segment of AMD CPU recognition. FEATURES: TE Complete identification of AMD64 processors. TE QuantiSpeed Rating calculation and OPN determination. TE Real-time CPU clock frequency, VCore and Clock Multiplier monitoring. TE Entering the processor the low power state of Stop Grant. TE FID/VID transition for mobile AMD64 processors on the fly. TE Independent timing configuration for each DRAM Controller. TE HyperTransport multiplier and bus width change.
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Native Specialist
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version 1.7.1115
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