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Order in My Folder

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leelu soft
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Order in My Folder description
"Order in my Folder" is a unique free utility to archive / reorder files from a single folder into subfolders based on different file sorting logics.

Version 1.3 includes both the GUI version (OimFG.exe) and the Command Line version (Oimf.exe) of "Order in my Folder", the executable files can be found inside the installation folder.
How can "Order in my Folder" help you?

If you have a folder containing a large amount of files, created by a logging system, or acting as some kind of a drop box or maybe just a folder with a lot of pictures or other files and you think it's time to do some order in this folder.

With "Order in my Folder" this kind of reorder can be done easily, just define the appropriate file sorting logic and rules and it will do the work for you.

"Order in my Folder" will not move any folders, it will handle files only.
"Order in my Folder" can sort the files in the target folder and move them into subfolders based on one of eight available file sorting logics.
You can do for example a file sorting by modification dates, "Order in my Folder" will scan the target folder and move each file into a subfolder named as the file's modification date.
So all files from 7-8-2010 will be moved into a subfolder named 7-8-2010 and all files from 5-10-2011 will be moved into subfolder named 5-10-2011, etc.
You can do the same kind of order but based on month-year file sorting, so all files that was modified at 9-2010 it will be moved into a sub folder named 9-2010, and all files from 7-2011 will be moved into a subfolder named 7-2011, etc.

It is possible to do the file sorting by year only, so all files from 2010 will be moved into subfolder named 2010 and all files from 2011 will be moved into a subfolder named 2011, etc.

This file sorting types can be by modification dates or by creation dates, be sure you understand the differences between them before you are selecting the file sorting type, some more info about dates can be found in the included help and readme.txt files.

And that's not all, "Order in my Folder" can also do this file sorting by file types, so all exe files will be moved into a subfolder named exe and all txt files will be moved into subfolder named txt, etc.

The last method to do the file sorting is by the first character of files, which means all file names starting with "a" will be moved into a subfolder named "a" and all file names starting with "b" will be moved into a subfolder named "b", etc.

The file sorting process can be applied with wildcards (*.*, *.jpg, *.log, etc.) and can be applied only on files older than X days.

You can use the Command line version to execute it from a batch file or a script or you can do it directly from the GUI version which can be added to the Windows Folder Context Menu (right click on a folder).
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Order in My Folder
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