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company name:
Guillermo Campelo
license: Freeware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
GDuplicateFinder description

Unlike other duplicate finders such as Easy Duplicate File Finder, Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, MindGems Fast Duplicate File Finder, Duplicate Cleaner, DupFiles and others, GDuplicateFinder is a FREE cross-platform application, with the ability to search among not just local files, but files on the network, such as a Windows or a Linux share using VFS library. Taking advantage of Groovy facilities and GPars power to process in parallel, GDuplicateFinder will help you get rid of those duplicates you always wanted to dispose in an easy and friendly way. If you feel like contributing, you can always fork this repo. Gradle will help you configure the Eclipse project for you. You can also suggest improvements. Features: Manage network drives(add, edit, remove) Turn on/off network drives Save/load duplicates results session Stop, save, load and resume a search for duplicates Open duplicate files with system's default editor InternationalizationRelease notes: New ReleaseTE Changed misleading text: 'Keep selection' for 'Multi-batch-select'TE Added donation linksTE Added readme [ GDuplicateFinder full changelog ]

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Windows 7
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version 2.0.1
size in Kb 31,334
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