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Batch Rename Files With Custom Function

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Batch Rename Files With Custom Function description
Batch Rename Files With Custom Function.
The utility allows allows to rename all files of the set directory (Including subdirectories) . The slice of a program code for this purpose is necessary to you. It receives a name of a file and a directory on an input, and returns a new name of a file.

Examples are resulted for ECMAScript (javascript - it is established by default).

You can find and connect your favourite programming language if the suitable *.jar file is developed for it (Projects JRuby, Juthon, Jawk...) under standard JSR 223.

In the Network assemblage is accessible (file jsr223-engines.tar.gz), including (beanshell, browserjs, ejs, freemarker, groovy, jacl, jaskell, java, jawk, jelly, jep, jexl, jruby, jst, judo, juel, jython, ognl, pnuts, scheme, sleep, velocity, xpath, xslt).

You can find on sites of developers and others scripting engine.
Note: work of the program with the module chosen by you is not guaranteed!

Module Scripting Engine connection, consists in creation of the separate catalogue, copying in it chosen JAR a file and creation of the variable environment of an environment with name OTHERENGINES.

Note: do not copy at once all accessible languages! Add JAR files on one, with the subsequent start of the program. The programming language name would appear in window ComboBox.

Take advantage of button "Test" to check up work of your code, without renaming of files on a disk.
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Batch Rename Files With Custom Function
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