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Siren: a mass file renaming tool

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Scarabée Software
license: Freeware
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Siren: a mass file renaming tool description
Siren renames, moves and copies files using an expression.
A lot of information associated to a file can be used:
name, extension, dates, selection number ... etc ...
other information is extracted from it according to its type:
audio, video, image (standard and raw), exif, iptc, office document, pdf, epub, html and many others.
Many different operations can be performed on character strings.
A complete directory tree can be processed.
Images can be viewed.
For example, to change a file name to uppercase with the
mp3 extension, the expression can be: %ub.mp3
It is available for Windows and GNU/Linux.
Languages: English and French.
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Siren: a mass file renaming tool
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