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Laurent Bugnion
license: Freeware
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ShortUrls description

ShortUrls is a convenient URL shortener with an integrated history (so that you can retrieve shortened URLs even without an internet connection). You can search your shortened URLs, sort them in alphabetical or chronological order, copy or delete saved URLs, and more. A lot of attention was put into the design and the user experience to make this app really easy and convenient to use. ShortUrls is also integrated tightly with other supporting applications: Share a shortened URL to supporting apps (for example email, Twitter, etc). Also, share a long URL from a supporting app (such as Internet Explorer) directly to ShortUrls for easy shortening. FEATURES: Shortens URLs with, or TinyUrl Stores the shortened URLs for convenient reuse later, even offline Easy retrieval of a shortened URL with sorting and searching Integrated sharing with other supporting apps like Internet Explorer, email, Twitter, etc.

Tools - App - Windows 8 - Url Shortener
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    Windows 8
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