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GACSoft Remote Login

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GACSoft Inc.
license: Shareware
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GACSoft Remote Login description
GACSoft Remote Login gives professionals and office workers the ability to login remote computer for reaching resources. Data stored on the company network or work PCs can be accessed without having to work on those machines physically. The flexibility of GACSoft Remote Login allows any Internet-capable apparatus such as a PDA, smart phone or tablet computer to login the VPN of your choice remotely. GACSoft Remote Login enhances the power and efficiency of collaboration on files stored on the corporate network by different employees as well. Group works benefit from the input of many different individuals facilitated by remote login capabilities. GACSoft Remote Login increases productivity, saves money on hardware and results in a robust and flexible staff that can accomplish more with less money. Key Features of GACSoft Remote Login GACSoft Remote Login can login remote PC and operate it remotely. You can remotely login the name, time and duration of every program with GACSoft Remote Login GACSoft Remote Login keeps a login of all folders and files created, renamed, moved or deleted. GACSoft Remote Login allows you to copy what you need from one PC and paste them to another. GACSoft Remote Login allows you to view the login in real-time from another PC remotely. GACSoft Remote Login allows you to login off, restart or shutdown the PC remotely. GACSoft Remote Login can transfer files to/from remote desktops. GACSoft Remote Login allows you to turn on/off or reboot remote PC. You can display 9 screens at one time with GACSoft Remote Login. GACSoft Remote Login makes it easy to login your computers remotely. It allows remote login to anther computer. If you work graphically via the network on a remote desktop, GACSoft Remote Login makes sense to login and support a remote desktop and train the user.Requirements: Windows XP or above
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GACSoft Remote Login
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Windows 7
    Win7 x32
    Win7 x64
downloads 6
price $39.95
version 2.0
size in Kb 891
user rating 3/10
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