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Quabana 3.0 S5 build406

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important software information
company name:
Quabana Software
license: Freeware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
Quabana 3.0 S5 build406 description

What is Quabana? A brand new and exclusive concept, Quabana provides Windows users with the ultimate solution for ensuring they always have the best performance on their computer. On a single Windows installation, the user can create multiple Quabanas. These Quabanas are unique, totally and absolutely segregated, safe and protected. For example: Suppose you have a fresh Windows installation and create another Quabana, you can install/uninstall applications, copy/delete files* and/or change settings and registry, but the created Quabana will absolutely not be affected. You just have to switch to this created Quabana and you will have the same fresh installation after you reboot. And you can switch back and forth between them at any time! The magic: Basically, all the differences between Quabanas will be stored, without affecting the system performace. It is like many Windows in just one installation - in fact much better; unlike than virtual machines, you will always have the have the maximum utility of your computer processor! Create a Quabana for Home-Banking: Your browser is used only to connect with your bank. Your bank's web site is not infected, so your banking Quabana is never infected. And as long as you never stray outside the banking Quabana, it's perfectly safe and secure. Create Quabanas for Working Environments: These Quabanas are separated from each other, minimizing the malware attack target size. Judicious web browsing behaviour minimizes the possibility of infection. If infection does strike one of these Quabanas, it's isolated, contained, and restricted to just that Quabana. Create Quabanas for Kids, etc: Children like to play. Sometimes that play results in damage to a Quabana through inadvertent deletion of important files, registry corruption, etc. Restoring the Quabana to it's clean state is simple and easy. Create a Quabana for Games: Hard-core gamers typically have dedicated machines so that they can get 100% performance from the hardware, with nothing else allowed to get in the way of that performance. Quabana enables the same effect without having to have a second, dedicated gaming machine. Create a Quabana Web Navigation: In this Quabana, anything goes. Caution is thrown to the wind. When infection strikes (not if, but when), the Quabana can be deleted with impunity. Nothing of importance is kept in this Quabana. The fast Quabana refresh enables the rapid creation of a replacement so the fun can continue.Release notes: New ReleaseVersion 3.0 S5 build 406 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes. [ Quabana full changelog ]

System - Free Download - Secure - Anti-virus - Anti-spyware - Safe - System Protection - Windows Xp - Virtual Machine - System Restore - Windows Vista - Clean Computer - Microsoft Windows - Vmware - Environments - Windows 7 - Vm Ware - Quabana
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Quabana 3.0 S5 build406
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Windows 7
    Windows 7
    Windows Vista Starter
downloads 9
version 406
size in Kb 5,499
user rating 5/10
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