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VB Friend

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Aivosto Oy
license: Shareware
minimum requirements:
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VB Friend description

Add indentation, complete missing code, AutoCorrect, backup and get more desktop space. VB Friend beautifies code and helps you write more of it in less time. Add missing variables, type less with macros, complete missing brackets. Works as addin to Visual Basic 6.0. Straighten the spaghetti code. Add readability to your code by consistent indentation. VB Friends takes your rules to indent your code with your very own style. Add missing variables. Tired of defining variables? Add Option Explicit and let VB Friend do the rest. Every time VB finds a new, undefined variable, VB Friend pops up asking for proper declaration. AutoCorrect. Upgrade your Visual Basic editor with speedy macros. Type scc and get a full Select Case..Case..Case Else..End Select. Type ite and get a full If..Then..Else..End If ready to fill in! Fully customizable for all single and multiline code snippets. Type less. Let VB Friend complete any missing End If, End Select or Next MyVar statements. Get more screen space. VB Friend hides VB toolbars automatically when you do not need them. To show them, just move your mouse to where the toolbar was.Requirements: Visual Basic 6.0

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VB Friend
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supported os's
    Windows 95
    Windows 98
downloads 7
price $79.00
version 2.0
size in Kb 1,229
user rating 5/10
our rating 0 Stars
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