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XYDiameter description

XYDiameter is a simple tool to measure various forms on the screen. For example you have a special form in a picture, which width or height you would like to know. Use this tool to select its start & end coordinates and you will instantly get it's width, height, diagonal length, diagonal angles, radius, diameter, triangle sides & angles! You can measure rectangle, square, line, circle & triangle forms. To measure a rectangle, square or line, click on one of the "Get " buttons, then select a start point by clicking the left mouse button, hold it, drag your mouse to the end point and release. To measure a circle, click on the "Get Diameter" button, then select the middle left/right point of the circle by clicking the left mouse button, hold it, drag your mouse to the other middle left/right point of the circle and release. To measure a triangle, click on the "Get Coordinates" button, then select the first triangle coordinate by clicking the left mouse button, then the second and the third one. Next you will see all data of the triangle. Press the left mouse button again to leave the capture mode. Rectangle / Square / Line: X1, Y1, X2, Y2 - Selection coordinates Width - Width of the selection Height - Height of the selection Diagonal - Diagonal length of a selection V Closed - Closed (smaller) angle to the vertical (y) axxis V Open - Open (larger) angle to the vertical (y) axxis H Closed - Closed (smaller) angle to the horizontal (x) axxis H Open - Open (larger) angle to the horizontal (x) axxis Circle: X1, X2 - Selection coordinates Mid X, Mid Y - Center coordinates of the circle Diameter - Diameter of the circle Radius - Radius of the circle Triangle: A, B, C - Point coordinates Side [AB] - C-Side of the triangle Side [BC] - A-Side of the triangle Side [CA] - B-Side of the triangle alpha-, beta-, gamma-Angles - Angles of the triangle

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