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Blur Scale XML Menu

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Blur Scale XML Menu description

Scaling ">XML driven horizontal menu* You can change font color-size of menu items via XML* RollOver color of menu items set in XML file* X-Y position of menu set in XML file* Padding between menu items set in XML file* X-Y scale of selected menu item set in XML file* Blur X-Y of unselected menu items set in XML file* URL links ">WordPress ">Joomla plugins

Video - Template - Mp3 - Plugin - Menu - Audio - Player - Size - Flash Files - Module - Color - Xml - Blur - Scale - Image Gallery - Actionscript - Font - Banner - Flv - Wordpress - Flash Components - Flash Xml - Joomla - Horizontal - As3 - As1 - Preloader - As2 - Cheap And Quality - Flashblue
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Photographer XML Template (Popularity: ) : AS3 driven dynamic fullscreen photographer template. FEATURES INCLUDED:* All data can be changed in the XML file * Supports multiple menu categories with external SWF modules * First visible menu/navigation item selection * CONFIGURATION file for logo, sitename * Configuration ...
XML Menu Suite (Popularity: ) : The XML Menu Suite contains Rounded Menu Maker and Fast Menu Maker. Both programs allow you to create powerful, attractive, and feature-filled DHTML menus using XML or traditional JavaScript data. Both menus are styled with CSS.
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Vertical Flexible XML Menu (Popularity: ) : XML driven dynamic vertical menu.FEATURES INCLUDED:* Options are configurable via XML* Font size, color, alpha of menu items set in XML* RollOver color, alpha of menu items* X-Y position of menu* Spacing/padding between menu items* URL, target of menu items* ...
Clix-FX XML Flash Menus (Popularity: ) : Creating your own Flash Menu website is peanuts using Flash XML Menu Templates from Clix-FX We offer you the easiest way imaginable to design and create Flash menus for your website. You don't need to know Flash or HTML to ...
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FlashBlue Menu Pack 02 (Popularity: ) : Special selection of 10 menus at 60% discount (Normal price is $50). You get all the features, files and support. Only the price differs. THE PACKAGE INCLUDES: Glow Menu XML v2 | $5 Vertical Scale Menu XML v3 | $5 ...
Vertical Scale Menu XML v3 (Popularity: ) : XML driven vertical menu with X-Y scaling on roll over.FEATURES INCLUDED:* Options are configurable via XML * Font-background colors set in XML * X-Y POSITIONS of menu set in XML * Empty space between menu items set in XML* Menu ...
Zooming XML Slideshow (Popularity: ) : Dynamic XML controlled image gallery with Ken Burns effect. FEATURES INCLUDED: * First visible item * Rounded corner radius * Duration / delay time of each item * Show / hide buttons * Show / hide content * Content background ...
Sliding Image Gallery XML v4 (Popularity: ) : Sliding image gallery with XML support. FEATURES INCLUDED: * First visible item, Rounded corner radius, Duration/ delay time of each item * Show/ hide buttons * Show/ hide content * Set blur value of content (0 to not blur) * ...
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NU2 XML Menu (Popularity: ) : XML Menu is a simple menu system that uses XML and DOM to describe popup menus for your website. At the moment it is written for Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.
Advanced XML Menu (Popularity: ) : Advanced XML Menu teaches the website users about the creation of flash menus using XML code. It provides a readymade set of program coding and the users can follow those instructions and code to create the menus of their own. ...
Basic Xml Menu (Popularity: ) : Basic XML Menu teaches the users on creating flash menus using basic XML codes. This tool assists the users right from the scratch to create flash menus using basic XML codes. It provides a readymade set of instructions and codes ...
XML Blur Menu (Popularity: ) : XML Blur Horizontal Menu ::
- Unlimited menu items can be add through xml file so you don't have to republish the flash file again.
- Links labels, URLs and Target are set through external xml file
- you can increase and reduce ...

10 Effect XML Menu (Popularity: ) : Customizing is very easy, the preview file is included in pack, so you can play with it until you achieve the desired setting combination, after that just replace those with the setting values in XML file displayed in preview!Features:* 2 ...
Draggable XML Vertical Menu (Popularity: ) : Text images, links and descriptions are taken from the XML file
If you want to add more buttons then you need to create instances of "menu" MovieClip
and copy the code from the previous button to the new button you have created ...

XML Horizontal Image Menu (Popularity: ) : You can customize:
* images from XML
* link to external pages
* description of the image
* the width of the control from code
* 5 MovieClips for top buttons and other 6 MovieClips for loading images with the default image show
* label background ...

XML Driven Menu (Popularity: ) : * Simple code
* No instance of btn MovieClip for each generated button. I have only two instances, one for the main menus and another for the sub menu; from them I am creating instances at run time.
* You can add ...

XML Menu (Popularity: ) : XML Vertical/Horizontal Menu,
XML file customizes spacing, information, and each menu item can contain either a gotoandPlay reference, Link, or LoadMovie reference.

Package Includes: FLA
Opens with: Flash 8, Flash CS3, Flash CS4
Viewable with: Flash Player 9 and above
AS Version: Action Script 2.0

2 Levels XML Menu (Popularity: ) : Horizontal menu XML driven, easy to integrate with your existing Flash ActionScript 3.0 project just by dragging and dropping.

Features :

- Build with easy maintained code (AS3)
- I have made spots on ActionScript to make easier where you will write your ...


Blur Scale XML Menu
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