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Anaconda description
Here's what Anaconda, your "Virtual Amazon Research Worm" will do for you all day long..... Select products for you based on price & commission, in any category or sub-category you want. Create product specific keywords for you. (Keywords that people type in when they are ready to buy.) Show you the number of competing ads & also show you, if any of them are affiliates. (This is to prevent you from entering a bidding war that will do you no good.) Uncover products without affiliate ads. (Once you find these gems, you can bid as little as you want & still be seen by hungry buyers.) Create campaigns in literally seconds, with relevant keywords & call-to-action phrases. (If you can copy & paste, you can simply pop these into your AdWords account, how much easier can it get?) Dinamically update Amazon catalog tree for each supported site up to 5 level. Save your more popular queries for use them in the futureRequirements: NA
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supported os's
    Windows 2000
    Windows 2003
downloads 15
price $37.00
version 1.1.1
size in Kb 1,864
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