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Fullscreen Image Rotator

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Fullscreen Image Rotator description

Dynamic fullscreen image rotator. FEATURES INCLUDED: * XML driven image gallery / rotator* You can set image order RANDOM from XML (randomize="true") or regular (randomize="false")* PRELOADER bgcolor, alpha, height, y position set in XML * Displays JPG, GIF, PNG images and SWF files * Images are smoothed to display them with best quality* Delay / timer for slideshow option from XML* You can run-stop slideshow from XML* Background tile option over images (tileBg="path/to/tile/image"). Remove it from XML or set empty to remove tile* You can change XML path from FlashVars by XMLURL variable* Help file and sample HTML EMBED file are included

Video - Template - Mp3 - Slideshow - Time - Timer - Html - Image - Menu - Audio - Player - Tile - Flash Files - Xml - Image Gallery - Random - Bgcolor - Flashvars - Fullscreen - Autoplay - Actionscript - Embed - Banner - Order - Flv - Alpha - Rotator - Flash Components - Flash Xml - As3
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3D Image Rotator for Flash (Popularity: ) : This is an advanced, XML-configured Flash image rotator. The $5 version includes 100% of Flash source code, and free upgrades for life! This is useful to give users a 3D view of your product, or to help create a 3D ...
JW Image Rotator (Popularity: ) : JW Image Rotator (built with Adobe's Flash) enables you to show a couple of photos in sequence, with fluid transitions between them. It supports rotation of an RSS, XSPF or ASX playlists with JPG, GIF and PNG images, a wide ...
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Sliding Image Banner XML (Popularity: ) : Dynamic XML slideshow / image rotator for web sites. You can change duration time, slide speed, button-name-description colors, rounded corner radius and more from XML .

Package includes: FLA
Opens with: Flash 8, Flash CS3
AS Version: ActionScript 2.0
Viewable with: Flash Player 9 ...

XML based Image Rotator (Popularity: ) : Features: Fully XML customizable Image Rotator.* Add as many as images as you want;* Supported files JPG , GIF, PNG & SWF;* You can place image title & description for each image;* Nice bouncing effect for description;* Image preloader for ...
Fullscreen Image Rotator (Popularity: ) : * Easy to use;* AS3;* Only 9kb!* Dynamic (XML);* Loop;* Resizable;* Unlimited images!* Images and AS3 SWF files;* Mouse wheel support;* Image smoothing.Advanced configuration:* Link and target;* Disable delay for each file;* Autoplay interval;* Hide description;* Hide individual buttons;* HTML ...
Best Flash Rotator (Popularity: ) : Complete Flash Image Rotator daily, or by hour, minute, second, milliseconds, and in order. Quality flash random rotator that cannot pick same items twice in a row unless you want them to comes with this also. Rotates a lot more ...
Dynamic 3D Image Rotator (Popularity: ) : This is a combination of DHTML and JavaScript to display a scaling and rotating bitmap image in your webpage. The image rotates around the Y-axis. You can also affix these bitmaps to events. The script can have more than one ...
Random Image Rotator (Popularity: ) : Need to display a bunch of images? Need to link them to another site maybe for advertising purposes? Don't like using SSI? Great! Then the Random Image Rotator is for you. Uses one line of JavaScript coding to be called ...

Fullscreen Image Rotator
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