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Canadian Mind Products
license: Freeware
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SortSRS description
SortSRS is a fairly esoteric utility. It is an add-on for Funduc Search-Replace. It tidies *.srs script files by sorting, deduping and general tidying. It is only of use to users of the Funduc SR bulk Search Replace Utility. Be careful. Sorting a script may it behave differently since SR applies the search/replaces in the same order they appear in the *.srs script file. Make a backup before using SortSRS in case sorting makes the script stop working. It sorts the search/replace pairs by search string, using a case-insensitive sort, i.e. interleaving upper and lower case. It also sort the path items. To convert a script file, type: java -jar C:commindprodsortsrssortsrs.jar myscript.srs The results replace the old file, so you had better make a backup just in case this is not what you want. You can also list several files on the command line: java -jar C:commindprodsortsrssortsrs.jar my.srs C:myscriptsanother.srs DON'T USE WILDCARDS unless you deeply understand how they work. Read up on wildcard in the wildcard entry in the Java glossary. The -s switch makes all subsequent directories searched recursively to include all their subdirectories. e.g. java -jar C:commindprodsortsrssortsrs.jar -s E:envsrscripts will fix all *.srs files in the E:envsrscripts directory tree, ignoring other types of files. If you have the jar extension set up as executable, you can abbreviate: C:commindprodsortsrssortsrs.jar . If you have Jet, that abbreviates even further to sortsrs.exe . If this utility is of use to you, possibly the CSVToSRS utility part of the CSV suite may also be of interest.Requirements: Java 1.6+
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