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NEA.php.id3 ... MP3 ID3 Tag Reader (PHP Class)

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NEA.php.id3 ... MP3 ID3 Tag Reader (PHP Class) description

NEA.php.id3 and encode the mp3 - id3 tag's(see the demo!)[php class]This PHP class runs in real-time environment on my online - radio hardcast.-------------------------Defined in the PHP Script:# load id3 class and mp3 file define('NEA_MP3_ID3', true); # class namerequire_once("homepage"); # class file $id3 = new id3("./neawolf-records.mp3"); # mp3 file Defined in the PHP script to output:echo "mpeg-version: $id3->mpeg_ver"; echo "mpeg-layer: $id3->layer"; echo "bitrate: $id3->bitrate"; echo "frequency: $id3->frequency"; echo "lengths: $id3->lengths"; echo "length: $id3->length"; echo "name: $id3->name"; echo "artists: $id3->artists"; echo "album: $id3->album"; echo "year: $id3->year"; echo "comment: $id3->comment"; echo "track: $id3->track"; echo "genre: $id3->genre"; echo "genre number: $id3->genreno"; echo "private bit set: $id3->private"; echo "mode: $id3->mode"; echo "copyright: $id3->copyright"; echo "original: $id3->original";

Mpeg - Mp3 - Javascript - Program - System - Code - Audio - Player - Id3 - Development - Reader - Cms - Php - Mobile - Asp - Script - Tag - Mysql - Radio - Stream - Streaming - Class - Codebase - Widget - Android - Dev - Sell Code - Iphone Dev - Titanium Extensions - Magento Extensions
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