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Simple Groupware for Mac and Linux

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Simple Groupware Solutions
license: Freeware
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Simple Groupware for Mac and Linux description

Simple Groupware & CMS is an open source enterprise groupware that offers email, calendaring, contacts, tasks, document management, project management, synchronization with Outlook and cell phones, full-text search, extensions and many more. Simple Groupware is s free web based groupware solution written in PHP that combines standards like RSS, iCalendar, vCard, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, CIFS, CSV, WebDAV, LDAP and SyncML under one platform. Unlike other groupware software, Simple Groupware contains the programming language sgsML to enable the quick customization and creation of powerful web applications. * 100% web-based application (no special client applications or plugins required) * Offline support for all modules and files directly inside the browser * Complete secure communication using SSL * Easy and intuitive user interface * One platform for managing, controlling and developing business processes * Autonomy: Simple Groupware is fully driven with open technologies * Individuality: All hierarchical organization structures and responsibilities can be represented and managed in the application * Intelligent knowledge management: e.g. find everything faster using phonetic fulltext search algorithms and automatic file / content indexing * Multi-language support including right-to-left layout (Your help is welcome to provide more translations!) * Support for working in different time zones * Unicode: Simple Groupware fully supports Unicode characters using UTF-8 * Low hardware requirements: shared-hosting and vServer is ok! * Notifications: get notified by E-mail or RSS when entries are created, changed or deleted, get reminders for appointments, tasks, birthdays, etc. * Content management with the PmWiki engine and Smarty templates * Mass edit for any subset of entries * All information can be easily sorted and filtered by any custom criteria * Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite (Oracle Database until end of 2010) * Easy installation with a small single-file installer * Automatic update management for database structures * Integrated update procedure with just 4 clicks to update to the latest version * 100% Open source: Free Software, released under the GPLv2, Free Support, Free Documentation, released under the GNU FDL.Requirements: Apache: 1.3.x or 2.x and higher / IIS 7 and higher, PHP: 5.1.x and higher, Database: at least MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 8.2, Oracle 9.2, SQLite 3.0

Manager - Notify - Synchronizer - Bookmark Manager - Web Application Builder - Deploy Web Application
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Simple Groupware for Mac and Linux
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