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Reveal Text Log File Viewer

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Reveal Text Log File Viewer description

Reveal Text Log File Viewer text and log file viewer that senses file changes and loads into virtual memory. Instantly loads files as large as virtual memory while consuming only a few megs of ram. Automatically senses and displays file changes in real time.

Includes the following features:

* Loads and displays ANSI/ASCII/UTF8/UTF16/Unicode files. Displays both little endian and big endian UTF16 files.
* Loading of files is instantaneous, regardless of file size.
* Loads files as large as available virtual memory address space. (Loads files into virtual memory). Reveal typically uses 15 megs of memory plus 1 meg for each file, regardless of file size.
* The Display is updated in real time as changes to the file are written to disk. Perfect for viewing IIS log files or similar. It appears to the user that they are viewing the output window of the program generating the log file. Uses the windows file change notification APIs for extremely low overhead while monitoring unchanged files. Reveal will track end of file when log file changes are detected if scrollbox was at end of file when change was detected.
* Latest User-Interface paradigm, utilizing the office 2007 ribbon concept. The ribbon can be set to auto-hide for maximum screen utilization (as shown below).
* Display multiple files at once and/or multiple views of the same file using a tabbed MDI interface.
* View area can be split into multiple simultaneous views (Drag tab to view area).
* Highly and easily customizable text display.
* Display customizations for each file are automatically saved and restored when closing and opening files.
* Display update code is extremely fast. It uses a hand written custom display control that was written in the Windows 3.0 era for maximum speed even on the slowest hardware.
* Low CPU utilization. You'll be hard pressed to find it using more than 1 percent CPU.

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Reveal Text Log File Viewer
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