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EatEmUp is a cool Artificial Intelligence simulation, which shows a "bully in the playground" type situation -- one predator goes after many prey objects, which have different "fields of view" (as manifested by the semitransparent circles surrounding them). The predator ...
June 22nd 2011 Freeware    10k
M.A.X. Reloaded
M.A.X. Reloaded or M.A.X.R. (Mechanized Assault and Exploration Reloaded) is a fanproject by the community of It was founded by MM (Michael Monch) around 2006 and became OpenSource at the end of 2007. MAXR is based on the old ...
June 21st 2011 Freeware    14,920k
The Feeble Diddle
The Feeble Diddle is a platformer 2D arcade game written in Python and PyGame.

Developer comments

I've basically had this program lying around for a long while and every so often had opened it up again to tweak it. I am a ...
June 21st 2011 Freeware    3,174k
Yoda Soccer
Yoda Soccer is a soccer game in the style of Sensible World of Soccer.

Yoda Soccer is a project which intends to create a new free game for Windows/Linux/MacOS with the gameplay and the style of the well known Sensible World ...
June 21st 2011 Freeware    5,437k
Python Dungeon Crawler
A game that resembles Rogue, written using Python and the PyGame library.. .
June 18th 2011 Freeware    532k
Zombie Master Dedicated Server
Zombie Master project is a multiplayer survival horror FPS/RTS mod for Half-Life 2. A team of FPS-playing humans attempts to complete map-specific objectives while an RTS player controls the zombie horde with only one goal: death to all humans.. Zombie ...
June 17th 2011 Freeware    52,142k
SecureSkat project is a decentralized implementation of the German card game Skat.

The program negotiates participating players and game sessions over an arbitrary IRC network (Internet Relay Chat).

Neither a trusted third-party (dealer) nor a centralized game server is necessary. All critical ...
June 15th 2011 Freeware    451k
Celetania is a massive multiplayer Online RPG where the players fight for resources and planets. Space fights and resource management.

The Story

The equilibrium of the nations is collapsing – it is time for you to claim your rightful place in the ...
June 15th 2011 Shareware    33,782k
PyTowerDefense is written in Python and PyGame.. .
June 15th 2011 Freeware    7,188k
Squaries is a game based on PyMike's collision system, contains 9 games with similar behaviour but with different mode.

- Hunting Game
- Labyrinth
- Infiltration
- Capture the Flag (uncompleted)
- Hold the Flag
- Tennis
- Ping Pong
- Shooter
- Laser Game

Developer comments

Every game has its ...
June 14th 2011 Freeware    92k
NAEV is a 2D action/RPG (role-playing) space game that combines elements from the action, RPG and simulation genres. It uses a lot of content from Vega Strike.

Requirements on Debian-based distributions:

On debian-based distros you can install them with:

apt-get install libsdl1.2debian libsdl-image1.2 ...
June 12th 2011 Freeware    512k
Games::Crossword ::Puzzle
Games::Crossword::Puzzle - six letters for "reusable unit of code".


my $puzzle = Games::Crossword::Puzzle->from_file('nyt-sunday.puz');

for my $row ($puzzle->rows) {
for my $cell (@$row) {
die "Nope, not completed properly"
if $cell->value and (not $cell->guess) || $cell->guess ne $cell->value;

The .PUZ ...
June 10th 2011 Freeware    20k
FreeLords Tech Release
FreeLords is a turn-based strategy game in the style of the classical Warlords. In short, you produce armies in cities and use them to conquer more cities and finally defeat the other players. However, we have already extended the game ...
June 7th 2011 Freeware    17,418k
Maze Game vs Computer
Maze Game vs Computer - use the arrow keys to navigate the maze and beat the computer to the finish line. This application was created from a Flash CS3 sample file.

About Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR runtime allows Adobe AIR applications to ...
June 4th 2011 Freeware    420k
KreiselBall is a cross platform computer game with classical game play. It features 2 different game modes: Race and Puzzle. KreiselBall is available for Linux and Windows.

Here are some key features of "KreiselBall":

· Family friendly game play without violence and ...
June 3rd 2011 Shareware    3,277k
1 Classic Solitaire
Great Solitaire Value! A simple interface makes our game easy to learn and play. It's also entertaining and full of features... An internet high score page so you can share your best games with the world. An interactive hint system ...
June 3rd 2011 Shareware    1,014k
X2: The Threat
X2: The Threat is Egosoft's acclaimed space simulator ported to Linux!

More than 20 years have passed since Kyle Brennan, test pilot of the X-Shuttle, was catapulted into unexplored space.

Now, take up the role of Julian Gardna, convicted of the theft ...
June 3rd 2011 Shareware    192,082k
Left4Lettuce is a run n' gun platformer game written in Python and PyGame.

The Story

You're the lettuce-loving mercenary, Tom A. Toe, who left his job at the CIA to eat lettuce. But you like no ordinary lettuce. You like ZOMBIE lettuce. ...
May 27th 2011 Freeware    113k
Tombs of the Asciiroth
The Tombs of Asciiroth is a free, open source puzzle/adventure game that you can play right now in your browser. It has arcade, puzzle and exploration-style game play in an extensive world of font-based abstraction.

If it looks a little old ...
May 26th 2011 Freeware    379k
Toy Cars
Toy Cars is a physics-based 2D racing game for Linux. The graphics and the interface use SDL and OpenGL.

Toy Cars is partly inspired by Micromachines and partly by the old Atari ST game called Jupiter's Masterdrive.. . Publisher of Toy ...
May 23rd 2011 Freeware    6,236k
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