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And Round Again (Mac)
In this truly addictive puzzler your goal is to connect the appearing pieces to make as many and as interesting loops as you possibly can. Completed loops disappear, leaving room for new pieces and new loops. Many special pieces - ...
July 10th 2006 Shareware    8,342k
Dylo's Adventure - Mac
An old-school platform game where Dylo -a groovy dinosaur- gets involved in the adventure of ruining the twisted plans of the evil space invaders who want to conquer planet Earth and turn it into their own theme-park.

Only armed with ...
June 28th 2006 Shareware    6,253k
Brave Dragon
Having learned the treacherous plans of people, dragons decided to send out the best warrior dragons. By demolishing the main source of energy they could safe their lives. You control one of these fearless dragons. Your main aim is to ...
June 18th 2006 Freeware    3,285k
Jack of All Trades (for Mac)
Explore the galaxy in search of fame and fortune in this exciting new space adventure game. Become a trader, bounty hunter, rebel, stock market guru, or even a deadly space pirate. Buy from a large selection of ships including freighters, ...
May 31st 2006 Shareware  5 stars 3,786k
Lucky Fisherman
Compete with your friends or colleagues - fantastic multiplayer game! Take a role of a fisherman in the game "Lucky Fisherman". The ocean swarms with various underwater creatures, including small fish and large sharks. Your objective is to catch as ...
May 24th 2006 Freeware    2,411k
Su Doku Live for Mac OS X
There are many computer implementations of the Su Doku game but we are releasing the definitive one! Just check out what's in the FREE DOWNLOAD:

Live multiplayer games, to be played in your local network or over the Internet, in ...
May 16th 2006 Shareware  5 stars 7,910k
Exciting arcade game with rich graphics and oceans of action. A good guy Fatman is forced to set off for a dangerous adventure. He has to get back a magic crystal stolen by crafty monsters and hidden in an extremely ...
March 11th 2006 Shareware    3,852k
UniSudoku allows you to play the popular game of Sudoku on your Mac. Enjoy the best aspects of the pencil and paper puzzle with all the advantages of playing on your computer.

- Unlimited puzzle generation
- No messy handwriting!
- Full Undo/Redo ...
February 28th 2006 Free to try    152k
Blue Reef Sudoku (Mac)
This puzzle game undersea is just awesome. Submerge in the beautiful underwater world while palying your favorite type of the game. Right here at the ocean bed, you find the board for the Blue Reef Sudoku. Enjoy this great remake ...
February 14th 2006 Shareware    10,478k
Sudoku Pagoda (Mac)
Now on your Macintosh! Sudoku Pagoda is an amazing puzzle game. Plunge into the mystery world of ancient Japan. Enjoy beautiful design and wonderful music of the game. Your task is just like in original Sudoku to fill the board ...
February 1st 2006 Shareware    6,488k
Avernum 4 for Macintosh
Spiderweb Software, makers of the award-winning Avernum and Geneforge series, happily announces the release of Avernum 4, the long-awaited, all-new continuation to the Avernum series. This epic fantasy-roleplaying adventure returns you to the enormous underworld nation of Avernum, whose shadowy ...
January 21st 2006 Shareware    20,495k
Battlelfield Cribbage
Battlefield Cribbage is a variation of cribbage that preserves the purity of cribbage while requiring new levels of strategy and skill. The scoring is virtually the same as cribbage but each player can see the field of play and make ...
January 14th 2006 Shareware  5 stars 5,487k
Petal Palace (for Mac OS X)
This game takes you to an enchanted palace, surrounded by beautiful scenery where flowers grow in great abundance.
Unfortunately, there isn't nearly enough space in the garden, so there's only one thing to do.
You will have to pick the ...
December 3rd 2005 Shareware    3,046k
Rotate Mania Deluxe (Mac)
Rotate Mania Deluxe is the latest version of Rotate Mania game, an addictive puzzle based on the mix of Tetris, Clickomania and Collapse. The game will surely grab you with its unique interface and astonishing physics of the clockwork motion. ...
September 14th 2005 Shareware    6,705k
This space-shooter is based upon the classical Invaders/Galaxian idea. You have to liberate your planet system from the alien invasion using your spacefighter. Player can obtain various extra-weapons and special abilities by destroying enemy cyborgs, fighters and motherships. Each planet ...
September 8th 2005 Demo    9,076k
Lets Make Pictures Demo
Once the picture is made kids can go to the next page where they complete a simple quiz about the picture they have just created
September 4th 2005 Demo    7,373k
Drop Word (Mac)
The first multilingual six language word puzzler in the world! Boast your skills in Polyglot Game or master foreign languages in Teacher mode. First choose your native language, and then the language that you want to learn. In the game ...
August 16th 2005 Shareware    13,907k
Yoodoo For Mac os X
Mister Monster. Assemble monsters with the elements from the palette.8 monsters to practise on, create the funniest or scariest monster, and print them to show to your friends! Mister monster is a great tool for teatching drag n drop!YooGlow. Stick ...
March 1st 2005 Shareware    5,685k
Run the medical, mental health, law-enforcement and social services... into the ground. Score interdepartmental brownie points by bouncing addicts between services until the system collapses and you get to present the taxpayer with the bill! Rise to the prestigious office ...
January 16th 2005 Freeware    17,540k
Kimdom Come
Could North Korean leader Kim Jong Il attach nuclear payloads to his Taepo-Dong missiles? Will South Korean president Roh Moo Hyun's "sunshine" policy of engagement bring peace? Will North Korea release the hostages it took from Japan in the 1970s? ...
January 16th 2005 Freeware    18,200k
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