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SquareWords is an online crossword battle between two players. The object is to form words on a grid while trying to foil the game of the opponent. The players take turns to choose letters, which must be placed by both ...
November 10th 2014 Demo    7,884k
ABC Spell - Fun Way To Learn For Android
Teach your kids the alphabet, some new words, or even add in your own words you want to teach them. All thru this fun, entertaining and highly addictive game Alpha Catcher! The game is fun for all ages young and ...
October 10th 2012 Freeware    22,528k
This brand-new puzzle game is specially for those, who are in love. Your task is to pop hearts . Just click on them and they will burst. The victory is one click away! Colores in the game are bright and ...
February 16th 2009 Shareware    478k
1-2-Sudoku is a game, which generates the well-known sudoku riddles. 1-2-Sudoku has four different skill levels and comes with user hints and solving statistics. 1-2-Sudoku has several skins and allows to choose an own background picture.
February 2nd 2009 Commercial    815k
Imagine you have inherited the jeweller's! And it is the great possibility to find out, release and polish your skills in creating the different ornaments from the precious and semiprecious stones! After having rings, brooches, earrings, necklaces and other jewellery ...
June 19th 2008 Shareware    29,389k
PocketSnake is another release of the classic Snake game for the Pocket PC PDAs.
Your goal is to move the snake and eat as many "food" blocks as possible.

Easy rules:
Use the arrow keys or stylus to control the ...
November 21st 2007 Freeware    93k
Pocket Lines is a Pocket PC remake of the famous Color Lines puzzle board game.

The game field is a square 10x10, where balls in different colors appears frequently. The goal is to clean maximum numbers of lines of arranged ...
November 21st 2007 Freeware    104k
Smart Mahjongg
Smart Mahjongg is the adaptation of a popular old Chinese board game especially for Pocket PCs. Other names are Mah Jong, Taipei, Taipeh or Shanghai. The objective of the Solitaire version for single player, which is implemented in Smart Mahjongg, ...
August 16th 2007 Freeware    550k
Reversi was invented by Lewis Waterman who marketed his game in London in 1880. It is an uncomplicated board game and its addictive nature can be enjoyed by players of all abilities. Reversi is played on an 8 x 8 ...
July 18th 2007 Shareware    1,200k
Weather Master (PocketPC)
The purpose of the game(for PocketPC) is to build a rainbow across all the sky while cleaning the landscape from raindrops and thereby scattering the clouds. A game includes 50 levels and combines unsophisticated, classic, easy-to-learn game play and an ...
January 7th 2007 Shareware    1,499k
Guess It!
Guess it is an intellectual game, very funny and very addictive, you will have to guess English words while you only know the first letter and the total number of letters. The game features over 35 levels, high quality QVGA ...
December 28th 2006 Commercial    2,930k
BrickGenius for Pocket PC
This new game named BrickGenius proposes you to build the mosaics by sliding bricks. It offers a really innovative gameplay and I guarantee that you have never seen anything like this before. Really, I think there is nothing better then ...
November 30th 2006 Shareware    1,072k
Try to pass on a path. Before the beginning the game field is partially filled in with units. It is necessary, installing new units so that in any direction was no more than five units, to connect all units in ...
November 22nd 2006 Freeware    483k is the classic snake game for the Pocket PC platform. Control the snake to eat apples while avoiding to hit the wall and itself. The snake will become longer each time it eats colored dot. You can turn the ...
September 24th 2006 Freeware    63k
Haven't you ever heard of PocketMan?! Huh, it is a remake of the 1980s classic arcade game that absolutely everybody knows! Do you remember the little funny yellow round man who likes refreshing himself by eating lotsa dots? Do you ...
September 14th 2006 Shareware    826k
Amazing Mahjongg CE
Mahjong is a puzzle game of Chinese origin dating over two thousand years. It has gained enormous popularity to become one of the world's most famous board games. The objective is simple, but so captivating - you must match sets ...
September 10th 2006 Shareware    2,396k
The PocketMan is a Pocket PC-compatible remake of the 1980s classic Pac-Man arcade game. It now has a modern look and adjustable gameplay.
May 2nd 2006 Freeware    532k
Pool Arena
Pool Arena is a free, fun and easy to use multiplayer pool game.It has many features like various statistics of players,game observing, virtual coins, virtual shop, tournaments, League etc. It supports 3-Ball,8-Ball,9-Ball,15-Ball, Straight, Rotation, BlackJack and Bonus games. Pool Arena ...
April 15th 2006 Shareware    670k
xPente for Pocket PC
Play Pente and Keryo-Pente - simple and addictive board games.
Pente and Keryo-Pente are played between two opponents on a board.
The winner of the Pente is the player who will be first to attain five in a row or ...
February 9th 2006 Commercial    41k
Allure Pipes
Build a pipe by connecting pipe pieces to each other before the water spills out. Quite easy yet attractive game that soon becomes your favorite way to spend spare time. Even most sceptical users soon find themselves playing Pipes over ...
August 8th 2005 Shareware    467k
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