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Cross Section Analysis & Design
Cross Section Analysis And Design is a powerful application that can perform a wide range of cross section calculations, including the design of reinforced concrete sections. It can handle any arbitrary cross section under biaxial bending and axial loads. The ...
June 20th 2018 Demo  5 stars 9,733k
Machine Learning
1.Main idea of NeoNeuro Machine Learning is universality.
2.Universality is when everything works over ONE button. Copy data into spreadsheet and press Calculate thats all!
3.By default Machine Learning opens the example where PC learns elementary math operations. We recommend ...
January 31st 2016 Shareware    3,331k
Data Mining
Learn data mining with easy-to-use examples. Teach computer to add, subtract, Boolean operations, Fishers Iris task and even chess moves with convenient application NeoNeuro Data Mining!
You will be amazed how Data Mining learns chess step by step, like a child.
Unlike ...
November 16th 2015 Freeware    2,137k
Modeling software to simulate the chemical kinetics and equilibrium of combustion (isobaric/isochoric), nuclear, catalyst reactor (CSTR) and enzyme reactions. Software can also fit/regress any parameters against chemical data with confidence bands/uncertainty analysis. Can also output normalized sensitivity analysis matrices and ...
August 20th 2015 Shareware    15,438k
DPLS Scientific Calculator
This easy to use calculator incorporates a triangle calculator, vector calculator, shape calculator, statistical calculator, half-life calculator, molar mass calculator, measurement converter and extensive data systems including 300 compounds, 100 constants, 200 formulas, 400 symbols, atomic structures, organic compounds, ions, ...
January 3rd 2015 Freeware    13,486k
Software for Standard 10 (SSC) Science, Maharashtra Board, with Zooming User Interface

ZoomX Software has the following chapters:

1. School of Elements
2. Chemical Reactions
3. Acid Base Chemistry
4. Electric Spark
5. Electromagnetism
6. Wonders of Light - 1
November 3rd 2014 Shareware    9,051k
It is a package intended for creating integrated expandable medical images storage, in order to store large amounts of data obtained from the different medical diagnostic equipment. It provides long-term medical study storage, is able to integrate various DICOM-devices in ...
May 7th 2014 Demo    25,700k
SUMO is a realistic urban traffic simulation tool, simulates continuous, real time traffic and road conditions. The package includes all the applications needed to create a realistic traffic simulation.

Some of the features include different vehicle designs, multi lane streets with ...
April 16th 2014 Freeware    21,373k
ResCalc Master 64bit
ResCalc Master is a program designed to aid you in working with resistors, tailored to amateurs and professionals alike.

Determination of a resistor's value according to its colors,
Determination of a resistor's color accordng to its value,
Determination of ...
April 2nd 2014 Freeware    13,814k
ResCalc Master
ResCalc Master is a program designed to aid you in working with resistors, tailored to amateurs and professionals alike.

Determination of a resistor's value according to its colors,
Determination of a resistor's color accordng to its value,
Determination of ...
March 20th 2014 Freeware    7,994k
Makhaon DICOM Dump
Makhaon Dicom Dump - is a free software
Can browse directory structure
Support analyzing, editing and viewing DICOM files
Support coloring every element of a tag - Group Number, Element Number, Length, Start At, each element of multiplicity values
Support ...
February 11th 2014 Freeware    2,139k
Points On A Canvas
Points on a Canvas lets you measure the distance between any two clicked points on your screen. Sounds simple enough, right? Yes, but wait until you start diving deeper into all of the glorious features that await you in Points ...
February 2nd 2014 Shareware  5 stars 2,084k
Makhaon Worklist Server
Makhaon Worklist server Software Package represents server software, which transfers the list of patients, scheduled for the study, into the device or set of devices. The program can inquire the list of patients from the Hospital Informational System of other ...
November 23rd 2013 Demo    9,916k
Beam deflection calculator for Windows
Beam deflection calculator is a Windows application to calculate deflection, slope, bending moment, shear force, and reactions of beams.
Easy and fast to use.
User's manual in PDF format.

Main features
> 5 types of beams
> Graphs, data tables and formulae
> 54 types of ...
October 30th 2013 Shareware    4,324k
Eye4Software Hydromagic
Hydrographic Survey Software for Windows, Load topographic or nautical maps, create singlebeam soundings, generate DTM's (Digital Terrain Models), generate depth contours, generate cross-sections, volume calculations and more. The software can be used with various map formats including: GeoTIFF, Microstation DGN, ...
October 23rd 2013 Demo    85,015k
3D Frame Analysis Library
The Frame3D library is a complete analysis library for solving structural problems utilizing a powerful and robust analysis engine, which in combination with the reach analysis and element features can efficiently solve large scale static, dynamic, linear and non-linear problems. ...
September 14th 2013 Demo    114k
This project is another step in the direction of the mission statement of Science.Medical.Imaging group: "Gather thoughts from the fields of acquisition, communication and understanding of medical images for better image guided diagnostics and treatment. " The hope is to ...
July 1st 2013 Shareware    867k
ChemDBsoft Academic Lite
ChemDBsoft is chemical database software for management of chemistry databases of any size. Data management features include: free structure drawer, 70+ template structures, fast and easy database creation, simple data views and browsing, easy database updates, import and export into ...
June 30th 2013 Shareware    3,594k
PhysProf is an easy to use physics program within approximately 70 subroutines. Through the use of two dimensional graphics and animations, PhysProf can display physical correlations in a very clear and simple way.The program covers the following areas: Mechanics, Electrotechnology, ...
June 29th 2013 Shareware    12,370k
Only Truth in Science Counts
Truth in Science Counts is a multimedia, interactive, Adventure in Science, exploring the Universe we live in. Why are we here? Was Darwin right? Did life evolve or was it created? Does radiometric dating prove the earth is billions of ...
June 27th 2013 Shareware    7,537k
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