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Auction Auto Bidder
Auction Auto Bidder automatically places your bids in the last seconds of an auction, ensuring no one will try to outbid you which means the price stays low and your chances of winning stay high. Auction Auto Bidder also works ...
March 14th 2005 Commercial    2k
Lost Auction
Lost Auction locates searchs online auctions for listings where the seller has misspelled the item being auctioned. Find auctions with little or no bids because other buyers can't find the auction. Pick up a bargain and save some money.
March 9th 2005 Freeware    724k
Snipe Timer
The program includes a clock that you sync to the Ebay's server you choose and it gives you a perfect starting point for your sniping pleasure. Once you are sync'd up to ebay's clock, you enter the auction end time ...
November 17th 2004 Freeware    3,740k
HarvEX Auction Sniper & Macro Bot (eBay)
All-in-one eBay auction sniper, auction tracker, bulk search and macro automation tool - for bidders and sellers. The full-featured sniper auto-bids shortly before an auction closes and supports auto-dial, bid groups, free logic bidding, bulk sniping, server based bidding and ...
October 28th 2004 Shareware    1,757k
EBgo Sniper for ebay
Increases your chances of winning since people wont have time to outbid you !
Very easy to use!
Any eBay auction expert will tell you that sniping is the key to winning auctions!
Thanks to the user friendly interface setting up a ...
October 10th 2004 Shareware    1,778k
The Live Auction / Reverse Auction
The most effective negotiation tool; secure, transparent, efficient&fast to operate B2B e-commerce systems. We combine the knowledge of, how business actually works, with the knowledge of current and latest technologies, to produce software which makes life easier for you.
September 22nd 2004 Shareware    23,200k
Auction Sentry Deluxe
Whether a buyer or a seller, Auction Sentry Deluxe streamlines & automates tracking and bidding on eBay Auctions. It Automates bidding placing your bid as close to the end of the auction as possible ("sniping"). The intuitive interface displays your ...
September 3rd 2004 Shareware    3,654k
Wise Research DeepAnalysis
Wise Research DeepAnalysis, the industry standard for eBay research.Conduct research by category, keyword, price, seller and more.Raw Data Provided Under License from eBay.Free 30-Day Demo.All the research needed to make more sales, lower costs and earn greater profit:- Analysis of ...
August 3rd 2004 Demo    17,578k
AuctionNavigator is a manager for buyers and sellers at the eBay auction that helps them win by bidding during last seconds, monitor prices, create reports, connect to the Internet, synchronize time, save items to different folders. AuctionNavigator does not just ...
June 23rd 2004 Shareware    2,315k
Phonotics Deal Watcher
Deal Watcher is a money-saver software that notifies you about the best bargains, deals, and coupons available on any merchandise from flowers to laptops by monitoring not one or two but MANY different retailer sites.
June 5th 2004 Freeware    1,000k
Cookie Monitor
Cookie monitor is an easy-to-use utility that watches all cookie files on your computer. It will immediately inform you when a cookie file is created, deleted, or modified. It allows you to view the contents of the cookie, search in ...
April 12th 2004 Freeware    586k
The best way to find bargains on eBay! AuctionSieve helps you rapidly filter through the auctions in ebay searches or categories. Especially designed for collectors, the quick, easy to use interface helps you exclude the stuff you're not interested in ...
January 1st 2004 Freeware    17,389k
Auction Scan
Auction Scan is an automated search utility that will allow you to search for items on ebay and Yahoo! auction sites. After setting your search criteria and search time interval it will search the auction sites 24/7. When it finds ...
December 22nd 2003 Demo    1,500k
AuctionFeeCalc is an eBay calculator for Windows that shows at a glance what a sellers' eBay auction fees are, including listing, final value, and PayPal fees. It will also let one enter cost of goods and calculate profit/loss on the ...
November 19th 2003 Shareware    582k
AuctionVision for eBay
Powerful Search Technology for eBay PowerBuyers! AuctionVision provides five separate search engines to scour eBay for the best bargains. AuctionVision dynamically calculates Fair Market Prices for auctions, to help decide if an item is actually a value or not. Our Comparison Shopping Tool provides one-click ...
November 4th 2003 Shareware    1,900k
eBay Auctions Snipe Program

Automate bidding by placing your bid as close to the end of the auction as possible. Easy to use, customizable color-grid, multiple category's, make notes.

Lots of features, some key-features are:

- Saves the auction-images instantly, so you actually ...
November 2nd 2003 Shareware    780k
eBuddy is an intuitive, user-friendly auction management engine designed specifically for the eBay community. eBuddy works for you 24 hours a day and keeps an eye on all of the auctions you want to watch. eBuddy will even place bids ...
October 26th 2003 Shareware    8,554k
Hotbid auction marketing analyst
The eBay search engine for sellers. Hotbid will allow sellers to search only for those items that get the maximum bids. Choose featured auction or a category number. Or you could choose to search by keywords in completed or running ...
October 19th 2003 Shareware    9,719k
Prospector Professional for eBay
Prospector helps you find what you want quicker, saves you time, and helps you win auctions on eBay. You can save your searches for replay, search more powerfully than with eBay alone, and you can win auctions with the built-in ...
September 7th 2003 Shareware    4,228k
Power Snipe Auction Sniper
Win every eBay auction. Power Snipe Auction Sniper makes the eBay bidding process successful and easy by allowing you to browse eBay auctions through the program's built in Web browser. The program allows you to snipe, track auctions, and view ...
August 28th 2003 Freeware    2,015k
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