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Calculator 64bit description
Simple calculator with the option of staying on top of all other windows.

You can use Calculator to perform simple calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentage.

You can perform calculations by clicking the calculator buttons, or you can type calculations by using your keyboard. You can also use the numeric keypad to type numbers and operators by pressing Num Lock.

User reviews for Calculator 64bit
Version: 1.0.0, 02/11/2015 07:51PM CET
I have to do a lot of calculations fast and this program helps me good.
- Elim
Version: 1.0.0, 11/24/2014 07:06PM CET
Usable for performing simple calculations. Doesn't help much.
- Andras
Version: 1.0.0, 06/15/2014 08:36PM CEST
Nearly same as windows default calculator. Need more functions.
- Patrick
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